Roads Closed

Please note that Linton Road is closed this weekend to dismantle one of the cranes. I would advise you to leave more time when coming to Mass. You can park in the London Road Multi-Storey car park (you’ll need a mobile app to pay).

Access to the church by car will need to be by way of Station Parade. The cameras have been switched off for these two days.

So, drive past the station from the Longbridge Road roundabout and turn into Cambridge Road, and then right into Linton Road for the church.

Pedestrian access is open.

Leaving the church, you can either turn left out of the car park and enter North Street – you have to turn left out of Kings Road next to the Gurdwara.

Or turn right at the traffic lights into George Street, and then left or right into North Street.

Fr William Young

Support authentic Catholic education

A message from the Rector of St. Mary’s Shrine, Fr. de Malleray FSSP

Catholic Academy in Warrington: please spread the word now

As Rector of St Mary’s Shrine, I am delighted that Regina Caeli UK wishes to begin here in September. I now urgently request YOU to share this news. If you don’t have children to send here soon, there are people you know, or their friends, who might if they hear about it. Your help to spread the word NOW is crucial because 1) we can’t afford a media campaign and 2) we have just one month until the 1st May deadline. Thank you for our little ones!        (Signed: Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP)

Short presentation by Regina Caeli Academy UK:

In 2019, a few families in Bedfordshire took the initiative to bring a successful U.S. model of Classical Catholic education to the U.K. and founded Regina Caeli Academy UK, with pastoral support from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. In its second year, the number of families using the Academy has already doubled, with more families joining and moving to the area this year in anticipation of September 2021. Full details about Regina Caeli Academy, including an introductory video, fees, timetables and curriculum, are available at

Given the growing community in Warrington, and answering demand from local parents, we would very much like to start a centre at St Mary’s Warrington, with God’s help, from September 2021. The Academy offers a full Classical Curriculum, completely grounded on the magisterium of the Catholic Church, and a community of Catholic families. Trained, paid teachers provide two days per week of on-site tuition. For the other days of the week, comprehensive study plans are provided for parents to follow with their children. Parents benefit from structure, accountability and community, and their children gain Catholic friends for life.

Over the past 18 years, thousands of children have been educated with this curriculum in the U.S., so parents can be confident that it is a tried and tested system of Catholic education which results in robust qualifications, a lifelong love of learning and, most importantly, a deep-rooted faith.

If you are a parent who is interested in the Warrington RCA for your own children, please email Michael and Aileen Seymour, the Warrington coordinators of Regina Caeli Academy: giving your contact details and your children’s ages/current school years. Alternatively, if you would like to apply for the Warrington RCA, please fill out the application form at:

If you are a teacher who wants to work in such a Catholic environment, or have administrative skills that could help shape the Academy, please also contact us as above. We don’t need financial assistance to start up, but you could certainly also help us with prayer, in particular to the now Venerable Mother Elizabeth Prout, foundress of the female branch of the Passionists who used to run St Mary’s School in Warrington. Any financial support will be gratefully received by Regina Caeli Academy: please contact in advance Regina Caeli Academy UK: (please note that the FSSP does not presently collect donations in connection with this project).

To allow us to plan the expected opening, we need to know by 1st May 2021 how many children will start with us in September.

Please be sure to contact us long before that deadline. Lastly, please share this information far and wide now. Thank you on behalf of many children – and their parents!


We have some free copies of the Dowry magazine in the church porch. It is a particularly good edition, with excellent articles on COVID-19 Vaccines and the Law and the Virus, amongst others. I know that many Faithful have been confused by writers with little respect for the Church’s teaching and no more authority than a website. Read Dowry to get things clear!

To subscribe to Dowry, why not register online:

Times for Holy Week and Easter

Thursday 1st April 9-10:30amChurch open for prayer and confession
Thursday 1st April 6:00pm Church open for prayer and confession
Thursday 1st April 7:00pmMass of the Lord’s Supper
Friday 2nd April 9:00-10:30am Church open for prayer and confession
Friday 2nd April 2:00pm Church open for prayer and confession
Friday 2nd April 3:00pmCelebration of the Passion
Friday 2nd April from Passion to 6pm Church open for prayer and confession
Saturday 3rd April 9:00-10:30am Church open for prayer and confession
Saturday 3rd April from 6:00pm Church open for prayer and confession
Saturday 3rd April 8:00pmEaster Vigil
Sunday 4th April 9:00amMass at St Erconwald’s, Ilford Lane
Sunday 4th April 9:00am Mass
Sunday 4th April 10:30amMass
Sunday 4th April 12:00 noonMass in the Extraordinary Form
All events at St Mary and St Ethelburga unless otherwise stated.


First of all, we should acknowledge the great work Alston Antao did in setting up the parish website some ten years’ ago. He has skills which those of us who have never had to grapple with code cannot emulate. He has maintained it since, although in recent days “activity” has dwindled, no fault of his. Software has got easier and websites have had to adapt to such things as mobile phones and “blogs”.
Hence the relaunch of our website with a new home page: and some new features. Please feel free to share your ideas and resources in the weeks and months to come.